Editor: Mark Gant
ISBN:  9781527536890
Format: Hardback
Extent: 420 pp
Price:  £ 76.99
Publication: October 2019

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Like its predecessor and companion volume New Journeys in Iberian Studies, this volume gathers fresh and emerging research in a range of sub-fields of Iberian studies from an international range of established academics and early career researchers. The book provides rich evidence of the breadth and depth of new research being carried out in the dynamic field of Iberian studies at present.

As the title suggests, a strong thread running through the collection is concerned with investigating the multiple spaces of tension between the centre and periphery that comprise the Iberian cultural system. Topically, the current situation in Catalonia naturally comes to the fore in a number of chapters and from a range of perspectives. However, in the revisiting of a range of cultural products and historical processes undertaken by the contributors, it can be seen that transoceanic postcolonial relations are not neglected and concerns with history, memory and fiction also weave their way through their work.