Author:  Jacob Ehrbahn
ISBN: 9781911306764
Format: Hardback
Extent: 296 pp
Price:  £40.00
Publication: May 2021
Publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing

Wars in Afghanistan, Syria and other countries have generated a massive stream of refugees toward Europe. Between spring 2015 and December 2020, Jacob Ehrbahn undertook numerous trips to document the lives of the refugees and migrants who dream of a better life in Europe.

We meet people who have fled from war, political suppression, and poverty. We meet them far out in the Mediterranean Sea outside Libyan waters, where some are fighting a losing battle against death by drowning, and at various locations around Europe – in refugee camps, under motorway bridges, in run-down factory buildings and at border crossings, where they live in inhumane conditions. There are young men, women, children, and entire families. People living in free fall and struggling each day to hold on to their hope for a better life.

A Dream of Europe reminds us that on the other end of policy decisions and behind the numbers and statistics, there are real people with hopes and dreams.

Jacob Ehrbahn has just been awarded PHOTOJOURNALIST OF THE YEAR 2021 by the NPPA: National Press Photographers Association.