Author: Maggie Andrews, Janis Lomas
ISBN: 9780750967143
Format: PB
Extent: 320 pp
Price: £20.00
Publication: February 2018
Publisher: The History Press
  • A million years of women’s history – in 100 objects
  • Objects that changed the world for women from pre-history to the present day, from the Pill to Anne Frank’s diary
  • Beautifully illustrated
  • Thought-provoking and entertaining, and at times controversial
  • Published to coincide with International Women’s Day and the anniversary of women’s suffrage

The history of the world has been told in objects. But what about the objects that tell the history of women? What are the items that symbolize the journey of women from second-class citizens with no legal rights, no vote and no official status to the powerful people they are today? And what are the objects that still oppress women?

From the corset to the pill, the typewriter to the first pair of women’s trousers and the invention of IVF – there are objects through history that document the developing role of women in society. This story is told here by two leading historians with a lightness of touch that will appeal to all those interested in women’s history, whatever their age.