Author: Magda Pinheiro
ISBN: 9781933227757
Format: PB
Extent: 512 pp
Price: 49,40€
Publication: January 2018
Publisher: Tagus Press at UMass Dartmouth

Winner of the Máximo Special Jury Prize (2012) 

Throughout the pages of this highly original and meticulously researched book, we follow the rich and fascinating history of Lisbon — European capital city and cosmopolitan metropolis — from its legendary founding by Ulysses to the present day, covering the most remarkable moments of the city, such as the conquest of Lisbon, the period of discoveries, the great earthquake of 1755, the departure of the royal court for Brazil, the Liberal revolts, the Estado Novo, Carnation Revolution, and Expo ’98.

Abounding with episodes that shaped the history of this vibrant port city, accounts of everyday life, and tales about traditional neighborhoods and the innumerable streets where we can still discover traces of the past, this amply illustrated and engaging book makes the seductively enchanting city of Lisbon come to life.