Editors: K. Meira Goldberg, Antoni Pizà
ISBN: 9781527576926
Format: Hardback
Extent: 492 pp
Price:  £67.99
Publication: January 2022
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing


The Body Questions

This collection of essays poses a series of questions revolving around nonsense, cacophony, queerness, race, and the dancing body. How can flamenco, as a diasporic complex of performance and communities of practice frictionally and critically bound to the complexities of Spanish history, illuminate theories of race and identity in performance? How can we posit, and argue for, genealogical relationships within and between genres across the vast expanses of the African – and Roma – diaspora?

Neither are the essays presented here limited to flamenco, nor, consequently, are the responses to these questions reduced to this topic. What all the contributions here do share is the wish to come together, across disciplines and subject areas, within the academy and without, in the whirling, raucous, and messy spaces where the body is free – to celebrate its questioning, as well as the depths of the wisdom and knowledge it holds and sometimes reveals.