Author:  Patricia A. Fitzpatrick
ISBN: 9781433192418
Format: Hardback
Extent: 216 pp
Price:  €83.30
Publication: March 2023
Publisher: Peter Lang Inc., International

This book explores Federico García Lorca’s late poetry and drama within its context of mysticism. Lorca’s singular language reveals compelling evidence of innate spiritual potential, influenced by poets from Christian, Sufi, Buddhist, and other mystic traditions, from his earliest works to its culmination in the technical mastery of his last poems. Guided by musicality and polyvalence, close readings of The Tamarit DivanSonnets of Dark Love, and Yerma offer a novel approach to seemingly obscure texts that resist conventional analysis.

The methodology of Lorca’s Immanent Mysticism adheres to the poet-playwright’s own aesthetic theory. For Lorca, duende-inspired creation calls for equally inspired reception within true artistic experience. This groundbreaking study places Lorca not only within a contemporary spectrum of Modernist production, but, more importantly, within the framework of a new mysticism for our time.