Editors: Gemma Pérez-Zalduondo, Iván Iglesias
ISBN: 9783034331272
Format: Paperback
Extent: 432 pp
Price:  €79.40
Publication: January 2022
Publisher: Peter Lang International


The Body Questions

The Spanish Civil War has been the most important, decisive and traumatic event in contemporary Spain, but also one of the most iconic events in the recent history of the Western world. However, musicology has not devoted a great deal of attention to the war of 1936–1939 until very recently.

This volume is the first collective book dedicated to music and the Spanish Civil War. The contributions, drawn from musicologists, historians and anthropologists from Spain, Mexico, Australia, and the United States, explore the songs at the front, war soundscapes, propaganda and music policies, censorship, music in prisons, different music genres, exiled composers and critics, musical diplomacy, memory, and Spanish Civil War as a topic in contemporary music.