Author:  Anna Nicholas
ISBN: 9781999661861
Format: Paperback
Extent: 352 pp
Price:  £8.99
Publication: November 2020
Publisher: Burro Books

When 33-year-old Isabel Flores Montserrat quits a promising career with the Spanish police to run her mother’s holiday rentals agency in rural Mallorca, it seems that her crime-fighting days are far behind. However, when a young florist vanishes at night, the only evidence found is a tiny wooden heart. With nothing else to go on, Mallorca’s police chief calls upon unorthodox former detective, Isabel Flores Montserrat, to help.

But a second disappearance confirms a connection with a series of sinister cold cases. Suspecting that a serial killer has resurfaced, Isabel races to uncover the link between past and present, the meaning of the wooden heart, and the identity of the culprit.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in Isabel’s own village with a spate of mysterious animal disappearances. Could it all be connected?

All of Anna’s books are marvellous but the fabulous detective series is the best of all. As I finish one I’m longing for the next. The perfect antidote to COVID gloom and those of us who have been deprived of wonderful Majorca this year (or anyone else). Brilliant life enhancing story telling, the life, and feel of rural Majorca brilliantly captured. The characters are so well rounded – when will we have the tv series? The health warning is that I have to read just one more chapter then another when I should be sleeping. Amazon Five Star Review