Editors: Juliet Perkins, Philip Krummrich
ISBN: 9781855662407
Format: Hardback
Extent: 1644 pp
Price:  £650.00
Publication: June 2023
Publisher: Tamesis Books

The first complete English translation in five volumes of one of the major chronicles of medieval Europe, by “the father of Portuguese historiography”

Covering the reigns of Pedro I, Fernando I and João I up to the signing of the 1411 treaty with Castile which confirmed the survival of the Portuguese kingdom, the chronicles provide a wealth of detail on late fourteenth-century politics, diplomacy, warfare and economic matters, courtly society, queenship and noble women, as well as more mundane concerns such as food, health and the purchasing power of a fluctuating currency.

Lopes had a keen eye for detail and a perspective especially attuned to the common people, and his chronicles provide an invaluable source for the history of Western Europe in the later Middle Ages.

The first four volumes are accompanied by introductions and bibliographies setting the translations in context, and the fifth volume contains a general bibliography and a comprehensive general index encompassing all of the chronicles. All volumes are available for purchase separately.

General Edirors are Amélia P. Hutchinson  and Teresa Amado.