Author: Abdallah Ebraheem Tarabieh
ISBN: 9781527580060
Format: Hardback
Extent: 130 pp
Price:  £58.99
Publication: April 2022
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing


This book discusses the development of Hebrew poetry in Andalusia, as well as the Arab influence on Hebrew in this region. It also considers the motifs that made their way from Arabic poetry to Hebrew poetry, and the influence of the poet’s mood on their poetry.

The book reveals to the reader things that shatter existing myths around Andalusia during the period of Muslim rule.

  • Chapter One Exile and Heaven in Arabic and Hebrew Poetry in Andalus
  • Chapter Two  The Nakba Voices in Muslim and Jewish Lamentation in Andalusia
  • Chapter Three  Love and Desire in Women’s Andalusian Poetry: Renewal or Stagnation
  • Chapter Four Light and Darkness in the Poetry of Moses Ibn Ezra and Yehuda Halevi