Bored Tourist
Author: Laurence Stephens
ISBN: 9781910566367
Format: Paperback
Extent: 80 pp
Price: £9.95
Publication: August 2018
Publisher: Hoxton Mini Press (Turnaround)
  • A colourful, ironic look at tourists on holiday, documenting their funny and bizarre behaviour.
  • Funny, quirky and colourful photography with a relatable subject. 
  • An ideal gift for anyone who has ever had a rubbish holiday, not just photography fans!
  • Part of a new, collectable, pocket-sized series from award-winning indie publisher, Hoxton Mini Press.
  • First book from a young, talented emerging photographer.

Bored Tourists explores the phenomenon of travelling to a foreign country with every intention of being inspired by it, only to be left feeling bemused, disappointed, bored or half asleep. Taken in Spain and Portugal, and shot in square format as a subtle nod toour current ‘Instagram generation’, these amusing images present an unforgiving vision of the tourist experience. Warning: this book contains a lot of selfie sticks.