9781909051461 (1)
Author: Xavier Tapies
ISBN: 9781909051461
Format: HB
Extent: 112 pp
Price: £12.99
Publication: October 2017
Publisher:Graffito Books

A lovely compact 136-page edition of Banksy’s most significant works, including the brilliant 2017 Walled Off Hotel (interiors as well as exteriors). The book is structured in chronological sections, each including a double-page map showing where Banksy has created his major works and interventions.

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All of Banksy’s genius and astute political commentary is here, from Rage the Flower Thrower, to the amazing New York Residency of 2013, his Dismaland of 2015, Cosette of 2016 and, of course, The Walled Off Hotel (2017). Street art expert Xavier Tapies provides fascinating contextual and critical commentary for each work, with apposite quotes. Beautifully produced with a matt laminate hardback cover with lettering picked out in ‘coarse sand’ UV varnish, this is irresistible to anyone who loves Banksy – and makes for a perfect gift.