Author: Chris West
ISBN: 9780993414992
Format: PB
Extent: 320 pp
Price: £9.99
Publication: April 2017
Publisher: MELVILLE HOUSE UK (Turnaround)
  • An entertaining look at the changing face of the Eurovision Song Contest and the political and cultural influences behind it’s kitsch and glistsy façade.
  • Over 200 million viewers watch the Eurovision Song Contest across the world every year, 8 million tuning in this year in the UK.
  • Eurovision! gives insight into the cultural and historical changes that have swept across Europe over the last 60 years, showing how they have shaped the contest, influencing song choices, costumes, voting, broadcasts and more.
  • The Song Contest was broadcast in the USA for the first time in 2016, and Australia competed for the first time in 2015 as a ‘wild card’ entry.
  • Publishing in time for Eurovision 2017, to be held in May in the Ukraine.
  • Includes entries on every contest from 1956 to 2016.
  • A timely and fascinating read given the UK’s impending departure from the European Union.

Do you think the world of the Eurovision Song Contest, with its crazy props, even crazier dancers and crazier still songs has nothing to do with serious European politics? Think again. The contest has been a mirror for cultural, social and political developments in Europe ever since its inauguration, when an audience in dinner jackets and ball-gowns politely applauded each song. It has been a voice of rebellion across the Iron Curtain, an inspiration for new European nations in the 1990s and 2000s, the voice of liberation for both sexual and regional minorities. It even once triggered a national revolution.Eurovision charts both the history of Europe and the history of the Eurovision Song Contest over the last six decades, and shows how seamlessly they interlink – and what an amazing journey it has been.

Douze points for this intelligent, incisive guide. Debbie Young, author of Quick Change

I curse Chris West for making Eurovision so entertaining I shall have to go back to watching it. He interweaves the often comic stories of the contest with the sometimes tragic recent history of our continent. Sir Stephen Wall, British Permanent Representative to the EU 1995- 2000