Author:  José Paulo Cavalcanti
ISBN: 9788869771811
Format: Paperback
Extent: 650 pp
Price: £28.00
Publication: June 2019
Publisher: Mimesis International (Oxbow)

Writing a biography about Pessoa is a seemingly impossible task. The great Portuguese poet did not have just one life, but his existence virtually exploded in over a hundred different personalities. Only by placing oneself close to Pessoa, only by becoming almost one with him, is it possible to trace the life of this poet who was himself a multitude.

José Paulo Cavalcanti has done such a thing, sewing together a path that runs through Pessoa’s multiple voices and personalities, seamlessly moving in and out of the poet’s work, daily habits and interactions.

Following the great success of the Brazilian edition, “Pessoa. A quasi Memoir” is the first English translation of the book, and it provides new insights on the complex nature of the Portuguese poet.