Authors: Nuno Domingos, Elsa Peralta
ISBN: 9781350289772
Format: Hardback
Extent: 288 pp
Price:  £85.00
Publication: July 2023
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic 

Nationalism, Popular Culture and Citizenship

Decolonization represented the end of colonial rule, but did not eradicate imperial and colonial categories and mythologies. Situated in the wider context of European colonial legacies, this book looks at the legacies of the Portuguese empire in today’s Portugal.

Using an interdisciplinary agenda, with contributions from experts in the fields of history, anthropology, literature, and sociology, the several case studies included in the volume look at a wide range of colonial legacies. These include a set of commemorative practices that feed on imperial mythologies, old colonial and racial classifications that condition citizenship rights, and post-imperial modes of culture consumption.

Legacies of the Portuguese Colonial Empire is the first book written so far in English on this topic, enabling the Portuguese case to enter into a broader dialogue with other national experiences relating to the legacies of colonialism and empire in today’s Europe.