Author: Mitch Putnam
ISBN: 9781941393543
Format: PB
Extent: 208 pp
Price: £37,99
Publication: October 2016
Publisher: Regan Arts (Turnaround)

A Decade of Rock Art

  • A collection of rock and indie gig posters from the ’90s through today.
  • With over 5,000 unique views each day, OMG Posters is an extremely popular site.
  • Analogue music is back in fashion, and with the vinyl craze comes a thirst for album art, which can be hard to find.
  • Over 400 full-colour illustrations, as well as interviews with their creators.
  • The perfect gift for music fans.

The ultimate collection of gig posters from today’s top rock and indie bands, curated by Mitch Putnam, the creator of one of the largest and most popular poster blogs on the Internet, OMG Posters. Launched in 2007, OMGPosters.com has since become one of the world’s favorite art blogs, showcasing thousands of handmade prints by independent artists and printmakers. OMG Posters features works by 40 different artists that sparked the explosive growth of the gig poster scene. Each poster listed includes information about artists, techniques and other works in their portfolios.

Captivating: a catalogue of endlessly inventive and deeply imaginative imagery, conceived and executed with brio, and beautifully reproduced.  Michael Lindgren, The Washington Post

Artisanal DIY culture often makes a broad target for mockery, for being precious, fey, self-absorbed. When it works as it does here, though, the results are deeply satisfying indeed.  Wall Street Journal