Author:  Heather Quinlan
ISBN: 9781578597048
Format: Paperback
Extent: 416 pp
Price:  £19.99
Publication: November 2020
Publisher: Visible Ink

From the Plague of Athens to Covid-19

From the plague of Athens to the COVID-19 pandemic, this fascinating tome covers the history, causes, medical treatments, human responses, and aftermath of the world’s biggest pandemics as well as several modern diseases of note and those that are making a comeback. It chronicles the diseases that have inflicted man throughout the millennia.

Along with investigating some of history’s most notorious pandemics and diseases, Plagues, Pandemics, and Viruses takes a look at human resilience and what we’ve learned from the past. It looks at how science, the medical community, and governments have conquered or mitigated most epidemics even before they can turn into pandemics. It reviews the science of pandemics, preventative measures, and medical interventions and it includes  an exclusive interview with Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, as well as other experts in the medical community. Richly illustrated, it also has a helpful bibliography and extensive index. This invaluable resource is designed to help you understand, and protect you from, plagues, pandemics, epidemics, viruses, and disease.

A comprehensive book of nonfiction that delves into all aspects of infectious disease epidemics: the science and the history, as well as, importantly, the social and cultural aspects of these diseases. This is a very relevant read for what the world is going through at this particular time in history. … the book is at its best as an overview of humanity’s ongoing struggle with plagues and pandemics … An important book for the times!  New York Journal of Books