Author: Al J. Venter
ISBN: 9781636241104
Format: Hardback
Extent: 280 pp
Price:  £29.99
Publication: April 2022
Publisher: Casemate UK


A new account of how Portugal fought a bush war in Mozambique for over a decade.

Portugal fought a bush war in Mozambique – one of the most beautiful countries in the world – for over a decade. The small European nation was ranged against formidable odds and in the end was unable to muster the resources required to effectively take on the might of the Soviet Union and its collaborators – every single communist country on the planet and almost all of sub-Saharan Africa. Yet, Al Venter argues, Portugal did not actually lose the war, and indeed fought in difficult terrain with a good degree of success over an extended period. It was radical domestic politics that heralded the end.

Mozambique is once again embroiled in a guerrilla war, this time against a large force of Islamic militants, many from Somalia and some Arab countries, and unequivocally backed by Islamic State and the lessons of Mozambique’s bush war are still relevant today.

The lessons journalist Venter describes from Mozambique’s ‘Bush War’ are extremely important as our democratic nations move deeper into the new century.