Author: Xavier Tapies
ISBN: 9781909051355
Format: HB
Extent: 224 pp
Price: £24,99
Publication: November 2016
Publisher: Graffito Books

A stunning, 224-page hardback of all of Banksy’s most significant works, this is the only survey out there that looks at his whole street art career, from his early works of 1999, to Dismaland (2015), to his recent, and still brilliant, creations of 2016. The book details his most significant works one piece at a time, with photos and in-depth analysis of the history of each work and its often-deeper meaning. Banksy’s global reach is captured in a series of chronologically-arranged maps, detailing where each work was created, as well as his gallery interventions and record-breaking auctions.

A modern-day Robin Hood, Banksy’s public personna has grown to mythic proportions, regularly making main news headlines. His art is that rare thing – clever, full of meaning, but also instantly recogniseable and accessible.

With its real linen cover, this stunning new title is the ultimate introduction to, arguably, the world’s most popular and influential artist