Author: Gorka Aulestia
ISBN: 9781647790332
Format: Paperback
Extent: 672 pp
Price:  £50.95
Publication: September 2021
Publisher: University of Nevada Press


This is the most comprehensive Basque-English dictionary; it incorporates all six major dialects of the revitalized language. With skill and precision, Gorka Aulestia has tackled the difficult problem of translating the non-Indo-European Basque language into English.

Nearly 50,000 entries in six major dialects are included in this comprehensive dictionary. A concise introduction combines the basics of Basque verb forms, and each entry provides essential information such as part of speech and dialect markers.

Special attention is given to words relating to modern society, contradicting the old adage that Basque is a rural-based language. Many of these terms do not appear in existing Basque-Spanish or Basque-French dictionaries.

A formal guide to writing speech, this dictionary will be of interest to scholars, students, Basque Americans, Old World Basques learning English, and libraries around the world.

A companion English-Basque Dictionary (9781647790325) is also available.

Although there exist several comprehensive, mostly unidirectional dictionaries relating Basque to French and Spanish, only a few brief Basque-English vocabularies have previously been available. This work… fills a real need. Far from a mechanical reworking of other dictionaries, this book represents fresh research . . . in order to capture a rapidly evolving language.  William Jacobsen, Jr., ARBA