Editors: Carlos Menéndez Otero, Raquel Serrano González
ISBN: 9783631855713
Format: Hardback
Extent: 192 pp
Price:  €37.40
Publication: October 2021
Publisher: Peter Lang International


British representations of Spain and Portugal have often relied on persistent ideological biases, prejudices, and interpretations. This volume aims to offer a broader, more nuanced outlook on the last five hundred years of Anglo-Iberian relations.

The chapters focus on relatively little-known episodes and figures in Anglo-Iberian history and cover a wide temporal span: from the sixteenth to the mid-twentieth century. They aim to look beyond the clichéd dichotomies, received ideas, and normative voices that have often characterised mainstream studies. Ultimately, the book seeks to expose and transcend stereotyped narratives emphasising Anglo-Spanish acrimony and contribute to mutual understanding.