The Secret Life
Author: Salvador Dalí
ISBN: 9781840686784
Format: Paperback
Extent: 272 pp
Price: £19.95
Publication: September 2018
Publisher: Deicide (Turnaround)
  • The updated edition of an established seller and acclaimed autobiography now fully illustrated and corrected.
  • A provocative autobiography that is as startling and dramatic as Dali’s famous paintings.
  • This early memoir from one of the most famous artists of the 20th century is the first of two that Dali ever wrote.
  • Both Dali and his surrealist paintings retain iconic cultural status to this day and an immense following.
  • Large format, 32 full-colour pages, deluxe finish.
  • Over 100 classic paintings, drawings and line drawings.

Salvador Dali’s first volume of autobiography, completed in 1941, comprises one of modern art’s most revelatory – and revolutionary – literary documents. Encompassing Dali’s birth, childhood and adolescence, during which we learn of the crucial events and influences which moulded his unique perspectives on life, art, sexuality and philosophy.

This new edition of The Secret Life is updated, corrected and fully illustrated, with over 30 images in full colour and another 80 in black and white, including Dali’s original line drawings.